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Curriculum - Art


Subject Name: Art & Design 2019 / 2020

Department Vision & Ethos


  • The Art department aims to make art and creativity accessible for all. We aim to encourage students to extend, explore and expand their creative thinking and problem solving skills.

  • We aim to inspire students by introducing them to artists, crafts people, designers and movements in Art, along a variety of Art made across different time periods, cultures and countries.

  • We aim to expand student knowledge and understanding by putting into context different periods of Art history.

  • We aim to expand student thinking and challenge preconceived ideas, encouraging them to develop their own opinions, be able to justify these and broaden their own cultural capitol.

  • We aim to enhance skills, both physical and analytical; to communicate concepts, experiences and ideas across a wide range of media.

  • We aim to develop knowledge, inspire and enthuse, creating “awe and wonder”, encouraging students to question, query and analyse.

  • We aim to enhance and enrich students’ educational experience by encouraging them to express themselves creatively, to fell confident exploring media, and to be able to express their own feelings and opinions fluently, whether in the written or visual form.

Key stage 3:

Year 7: 1 lesson per week of Art, taught in mixed ability groups.

Year 8: 1 lesson per week of Art, taught in mixed ability groups.


Key stage 4 (Early entry GCSE)

Year 9: 5 lessons per two weeks / 5 hours per two weeks. Taught in mixed ability groups.

X2 coursework projects completed in year 9.


Year 10: 5 lessons per two weeks / 5 hours per two weeks. Taught in mixed ability groups.

Dec:  mock exam (coursework)

Externally set task: (40% final grade) from Jan – Apr.

(60% coursework / 40% externally set task)


Year 11: N/A

Key stage 5: 4 lessons per week of Edexcel A2 Arts, Crafts and Design

(60% coursework / 40% externally set task.)


Year 12: Introductary project – Sept – Jan. Mock exam unit Feb – May

A2 portfolio personal investigation from May in Yr 12 to Feb in Yr 13.

Year 13: Personal Investigation (Including 3000 wors supporting essay) Sept – Feb

Final A level exhibition of work (moderation) June 2020.



What can be expected by the end of each key stage (for KS4 this will the end of course)

By the end KS3 stdents will have have explored and be confident in the foundation skills in Art (a range of drawing and mark making skills, painting and colour theory) They will understand how to analyse a piece of Artwork using the S.E.MI. writing frame. Students will be able to develop their own ideas leading towards a final outcome, using appropriate artists and crafts people to support their work. By the endo f KS3 (year 7 and 8) students will have explored different media such as clay, print making, Graphic design and painting.

By the end of KS4, students will have produced a range of projects exploring a broad range of skills (in line with the examination board Edexcel – 60% coursework / 40% exam) Students will follow the EDXCEL Arts, Craft and Design course. Through a series of internally set projects (e.g. Surfaces / Overhead and Underneath / Reflections) students will develop their ideas using a range of media and supporting artists that link to their chosen idea.

The external exam follows the same format but the final outcome is produced in a ten hour examination. This is worth 40% of the final GCSE grade.

Students will present their coursework and examination units in a public exhibition (after moderation.)

By the end of KS5, following a broad curriculam in year 12 and 13, students will have produced a personal portfolio of pratical and written work that demonstrates a range of techniques and processes in their work to A Level standard. Their personal portfolio will evidence developed lines of enquiry and evidence of supporting artists, crafts people and art movements that underpins their own work and ideas.

Students will be prepared to take their portfolios (coursework and examination unit) to University / College interviews.

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