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It is our intent for History at Sandy Secondary School to engage, encourage, inspire and challenge all pupils to develop their intellectual curiosity to learn about the development of British, European and world History. Pupils will be able to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the society & cultures that we live in. The History curriculum will help students to  appreciate the importance of  the British values of democracy, tolerance, justice and equality. This will prepare our students for life in modern Britain.


How the curriculum is implemented through the development of knowledge and skills over time. At KS3 the breadth of the curriculum helps students to develop their understanding of the development of Britain from a feudal, semi-feudal to democratic society. Assessments are given every half term and at the end of each area of study. Exam questions are given from the years 7-11 modelled on the exam specification. Throughout each stage the course strengthens students contextual understanding ot the development of societies and the cultural and social values that developed across the period. Progression is mapped in a coherent way using assessment criteria across all key stages, allowing students to develop their higher level skills of analysis and evaluation. Regular extended writing allows students to develop their literacy and analytical skills, incorporating key ideas and vocabulary. Students develop their ability to show links and connections across time periods and establish the ability to assess significance. At KS4 students develop their literacy and evaluative skills further by following the Edexcel History course. There is the cope for students to develop informed and structured written arguments that focus on developments across society.


By the end KS3 pupils will be familiar with the developments in England c1000 to the end of the 20th century. Pupils will be able to describe details of various systems of government. The overview of the rule of monarchs and the role of the state and other institutions in England. Students will understand the importance of tolerance, democracy, liberal values and equality in britsih society.

By the end of KS4 pupils will be able to cross refernce across the various areas of study. Students will have developed an understanding of cause & effect by analysising changes in Law & order and the role of the rule of law in governing society. Pupils will be able to develop arguments about religious & cultural change and the position of female leaders in society based on the rule of Elizabeth I. They will be able to understand the impact of the Cold War and relations between the USA and the USSR and the influence on the development of post world war two society. Pupils will be able to explain in detail the development of society in Germany after WW1 and the impact of dictatorship and democracy.

By the end of KS5 students will be developed historains with a wide range of knowledge and contextual understanding of developments across different phases of history. The impact of cause and effect on the development of society and the rule of law in different societies in the 20th century. Students will have developed the ability to understand and interpret evidence and explain the utility of sources and the fact that there are different interpretations in history based on contextual knowledge and influences in society.

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