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Achieving Excellence Beyond Belief

Homework at Sandy Secondary School

Homework is an important aspect of the curriculum at Sandy Secondary School. It contributes to the knowledge that the students develop and impacts on the progress and achievement that they make. It helps students to develop the key skills that are needed to be independent learners which become more and more essential as they move through the school and need to be able to revise effectively for examinations at GCSE and A Level. It is about them further developing the skills, knowledge and understanding that is being developed in lesson time  enabling them to embed these whilst enriching and extending their learning. Work that is set will consist of meaningful and worthwhile activities designed to extend the learning of the student outside of the classroom alongside consolidating the learning within the classroom.

Aims of Homework

  • Practice and consolidate the knowledge, understanding and skills developed in class

  • Make greater progress

  • Extend learning beyond the classroom

  • Embed key subject knowledge into the student’s long term memory

  • Engage in wider reading and research in preparation for future learning

  • To reflect upon learning, correct mistakes and make improvements

  • Develop and embed essential study skills such a retrieval, interleaving and spacing

  • Improve independent working, time management and organisational skills

  • To achieve success through challenging themselves to be the best that they can

  • To support high levels of achievement

  • To enable the students to take responsibility for aspects of their learning

How can I help my child/children with homework tasks?

  • Regularly checking on Edulink the homework that is being set and organising their time to attempt the homework in advance of the deadline allowing sufficient time to seek help if needed. It is recommended that students attempt the homework as soon as it is set rather than leaving it until just before the deadline whenever possible

  • Helping them to go through their homework checking that they understand the task and what needs to be done

  • Discussing the homework with them once it is complete to help them reinforce the learning that has taken place

  • Where self-quizzing is taking place helping them by asking them questions from the knowledge organisers

  • Provide a suitable environment in which the work and learning can take place, we appreciate that this may not always be possible

  • Monitor their completion of the homework and if they are having difficulties contacting the school for additional support. If they are needing support in general this would be via the form tutor, whereas for specific subjects the class teacher should be contacted. If you are unsure of who to contact please use the email address

How and where will homework be recorded?

  • Homework will be recorded on the online platform Edulink, it is recommended that parents download the app

  • Students will also be encouraged to record their homework in their planners

What could be set for homework and how much could they be expected to complete?

  • Details of the homework and assessments that students could be asked to complete are given in the individual year group booklets available on this page

  • The homework and assessment booklets for each year group are also emailed home at the start of the academic year as well as being available in the letters section of Edulink

  • Homework tasks aim to be meaningful, purposeful and achievable

  • Homework tasks will vary for each subject, although they will mainly be set to consolidate the learning that has taken place in class and embed the knowledge

  • Homework may be set where students are asked to research a top before it has been taught, this is known as flip-learning

  • Homework may be set using online resources or packages, where this is the case the homework will also be recorded in Edulink. If students are unable to complete online learning at home please contact the House Achievement Leader in order to put support in place

  • Students in Years 7 & 8 could be expected to complete weekly homework in English, Mathematics, Science and MFL. In other subjects they will be set between one and two pieces of homework each half-term as appropriate. Students should also be undertaking independent reading and regular revision of knowledge organisers that are provided in many subjects  

  • Students in Years 9, 10 & 11 who are undertaking examination courses should be completing homework in each subject each week. This may be a specific set piece of work, ongoing completion of coursework, reading around the subject or revision of work already completed. It is important that students start their revision process as early as possible as this supports the transference of knowledge into long term memory

  • Students in Years 12 & 13 should expect to be working for one hour outside of the classroom for every hour that they are taught. This will be in the form of specified tasks, reading around the subject to broaden their knowledge or revision. It is important that students start their revision process as early as possible as this supports the transference of knowledge into long term memory

Homework Calendars -Sept 22:


Year 7


Year 8


Year 9


Year 10


Year 11


Year 12


Year 13

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