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It is our intent for ICT at Sandy Secondary School to develop students who are confident users of ICT and able to be critical thinkers, who understand the digitally connected world. The topics covered will also support their learning across the curriculum and prepare them for lifelong learning.


The intention is to ensure that students can firstly use the IT facilities at Sandy Secondary School in a safe and efficient manner, this will enable then to make progress not only in ICT but also across the curriculum.


Each lesson is designed to allow for differentiation and stretch and challenge whilst supporting the needs of all users.  Students will use Microsoft Office alongside Google apps to record their progress, this reduces the need for paper and allows students to work both at home and in school, it also supports the need to teach students how to access and use online services.


How the curriculum is implemented?

Yr 7








By the end KS3 several key knowledge strands will be embedded so as to allow for deep learning and preparation for continuation in key stage 4 & 5. These include the confidence and the ability to explore applications and to work independently to complete a project.


Creative Digital Media

By the end of KS4 students will be hold a range of creative media skills that the can be transferred to other areas such as research, planning, and review, working with others and communicating creative concepts effectively. Through the use of these skills, students will be able to create fit-for-purpose creative media products.


Creative Digital Media


By the end of KS5 students will hold an understanding of the media industry developed through analysing media representations and pitching and producing media projects. The knowledge and skills developed will provide a sufficient range of skills relevant to the creative media sector and/or higher education.



By the end of KS5 students will hold a broad knowledge of ICT/Computer Science concepts through development of their theoretical subject knowledge and work on practical projects/tasks. They will also have development confidence and skills in using a variety of software applications. The knowledge and skills developed will provide sufficient range of skills relevant to the IT sector and/or higher education.

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