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It is our intent to provide outstanding and accessible music provision for all students who study music. Students will be offered a wealth of opportunities to explore different cultures/styles of music and we aim to immerse students in these styles through predominantly practical music making.  All music provision will be of a very high quality, thus, creating life-long experiences to further develop students culturally, creatively and academically.

We instil creativity in our students through allowing them to access music in various different ways, whether that be listening, performing, composing or appraising. At KS3 level, students will be introduced to GCSE Areas of Study to bridge the gap between KS3 and KS4. The curricular music will be complimented with a diverse and vibrant extra-curricular enrichment programme, in which any student can get involved with, whilst increasing their cultural capital.


The curriculum is implemented through compulsory study of music at Key Stage 3 level (Year 7 and Year 8). Students receive 1 hour per week of music from a specialist music teacher. This is mostly practical music making incorporating performing, composing, listening and appraising. At GCSE Level, students may opt for music as their Year 9 option and the GCSE is completed at the end of Year 10. Students receive 5 hours of lessons a fortnight from a music specialist where the focus is on performing, composing and knowledge (AoS). A vocational pathway is also available to students (RSL Level 2). This allows all learners to succeed and access music at an appropriate level. At Key Stage 5, students can opt for the Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma for Music Practitioners which is a vocational course. Learners can access the content and cover areas such as live performing, rehearsal skills, event management and various industry based units. Students receive 4 hours per week of music lessons from a specialist music teacher at Key Stage 5.

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