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Achieving Excellence Beyond Belief

Curriculum - PE



Department Vision & Ethos


It is our intent to encourage, promote and develop physically literate students.



How the curriculum is implemented



What can be expected by the end of each key stage (for KS4 this will the end of course)

By the end KS3…

Students should have built on and developed the fundamental skills learnt in key stage 2, becoming more competent, confidence and expert in their techniques and applied them throughout a variety of sports and physical activities.

Students should have developed an interest and confidence to get involved in physical activity outside of school.

Students should understand the long term health benefits of physical activity.

By the end of KS4....

Students should have a good understanding of the human body and how the bodies physical systems ensure proper functioning in day to day life and when participating in physical activity.

Students will understand how to maintain a healthy active lifestyle and the importance of physical activity on well-being (physical, mental, emotional and social).

Students will have the capability to create, organize and develop a personal fitness programme specific to themselves.

Students will also understand how to minimize the potential onset of health risks on in later life.

Students will have a desire to take part in lifelong physical activity.

By the end of KS5…..

Students will have developed the understanding on how the human body works during rest and under exercise.

Students will reflect on their capabilities within their chosen sport identifying strengths and weaknesses within their performance, and having the understanding on how to improve their weaknesses.

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KS4 Option

KS5 Option

Year 7 Grade Descriptors

Year 8 Grade Descriptors

Year 7 Term 1 KO - Warm Ups and Cool Downs

Year 8 Term 1 KO - Muscle Pairs

Year 9 Term 1 KO - Barriers to Participation

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