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PPE Update

The Technology Department at Sandy Secondary School has been busy producing PPE equipment for distribution to the local key workers and hospitals. As of 5pm on Monday 20th April the school has issued in excess of 1500 pieces of equipment.

They have been issued to local care homes, pharmacies, doctor's surgeries, community midwives, children centres, ambulance stations, paramedics, Addenbrookes Neonatal Unit, Lister Hospital, St John's Ambulance, Papworth Hospital , Bedford Hospital, Special Schools, St Albans City Hospital, Royal Infirmary Leicester, Bedfordshire Police and Keech Hospice, to name but a few. There have been many more people who have received these resources with more being produced on a daily basis for distribution.

Individuals and places of work are able to request equipment by contacting the school and as many as possible are being produced on a daily basis. Many of the requests are directly from students, parents/guardians and staff, to support key workers based within the local community.

The staff at Lister Hospital kindly sent the photo below to thank the staff for the equipment provided.

The school would like to thank all the members of staff who have contributed to the production of these resources and Max McMurdo, a former student, who has helped provide the necessary resources and has raised over £5000 to purchase additional materials. We would also like to thank the parents/guardians of Sandy Secondary School who have raised over £500 towards the purchase of additional materials.

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