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Uniform selling night 28th march

In response to the students presenting their case at the student council meetings we are bringing back a pencil skirt, as well as still offering the pleated skirt. Which ever skirt the student choose to wear will still need to sit on their knee, which the school council agreed with and supported. We are also looking at our jewellery policy and have set the them the task of coming up with the change.

Preloved Uniform – Our preloved event this half term will be on 28th march from 4.30pm to 6.30pm in the school Canteen. If you do have any uniform your son/daughter has grown out for then please feel free to donate it, as we will recycle this and we have lots of families which would be really grateful for this uniform. Just bringing it to the main reception.

Please look out for our Preloved Prom dress event coming after easter!

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