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2019 Exam Results

Sandy Secondary School are pleased to announce that, following the publication of the School League Tables for the summer 2019 examination results, we are the second highest performing Secondary School in Central Bedfordshire for the key measure, Progress 8. For us this is the key measure because every student in the year group is counted equally and it is about how much progress each student makes from Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 4 (end of Year 6 to end of Year 11). 

Each student is assigned a points score, based on their achievements at Key Stage 2 and for each of these points they are compared only with the students who had exactly the same points score. If students are achieving above the national average, they are said to be making positive progress and if achieving less, negative progress.

At Sandy Secondary School our Progress 8 score is +0.15. This is compared to a national figure of -0.03 and a Central Bedfordshire figure of -0.14. This represents how well the students are doing in comparison to both national and local average performance. The Progress 8 score is based on three key components:

  1. English and Maths, the student's best result for English (Language or Literature) and Mathematics are key results and each count as twice as many points as any other subject. This places English and Maths at the centre of the measure.

  2. Three subjects from the English Baccalaureate (Ebacc) are then included. These subjects are: Humanities (Geography or History), Modern Foreign Languages (French or Spanish) and Science (Combined Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Computer Science). This places additional emphasis on the Ebacc curriculum, which the government has set a target of 75% of students to study. At Sandy Secondary School this is consistently above 80% of students taking the full Ebacc curriculum.

  3. Three further subjects are then included. This can be any other approved GCSE, vocational qualification, English Language or Literature (whichever is not used as the best English grade) and any Ebacc subject not already used.

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This creates a block of eight subjects that form the points score used for Progress 8. In real terms, a Progress 8 score of +0.15 indicates that in each subject approximately 1 in 6 students are achieving a grade above the national average with the other students being in line with national average.

Alongside this key measure we are pleased to announce that in the other key measures of Attainment 8, English & Maths 4+, Ebacc6 and Ebacc Entry are all above both national and local averages.

Attainment 8 is the points score used to generate Progress 8. It is the total points for the subjects as listed above. For Sandy Secondary School this is 47.0, which indicates that the average performance of students is a high grade 4 pushing towards a grade 5. The national figure is 46.7 and for Central Bedfordshire, it is 44.8.

English and Maths 4+ is the percentage of students achieving at least a grade 4 in both English and Maths (this replaces the previous measure of how many students achieved a C+ in both). For Sandy Secondary School this is 67% with a national and Central Bedfordshire figure of 64%.

Ebacc6 is a measure of how well students achieve across all the Ebacc subjects. The six subjects included are English, Maths, two Sciences (either combined Science or two of Biology, Chemistry and Physics), Geography or History and French or Spanish.  For Sandy Secondary School this is 4.23 compared to a national figure of 4.07 and a Central Bedfordshire figure of 3.79. On average, students are achieving half a grade more than other schools in Central Bedfordshire in these key subjects.

Ebacc entry is the percentage of students who are entered for the full Ebacc curriculum and complete the courses. At Sandy Secondary School this is 83%, with a national figure of 40% and a Central Bedfordshire figure of 31%. As a school, we strongly believe that for the vast majority of students the full Ebacc curriculum is a key to both future success and broadening the experiences and knowledge of the students.

These successes represent the continued hard work of all of those involved in the education of the students at Sandy Secondary School and the continued commitment of the students to their studies.

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