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Achieving Excellence Beyond Belief

Key Information - SEND

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

We aim to meet the needs of all students.  Staff are knowledgeable in identifying and supporting students with SEND.  We tailor support to suit the individual.  We are an inclusive school and the following links provide more information in relation to SEND:

  1. CBC local offer - 

  2. SEND code of practice - 

  3. Provision map (found on page 4 of ‘SEND information’ Policy)

  4. SEND information report

  5. SEND policy

Our SENCO’s details:

Mrs Heather Smith

Telephone the school office or email

Staff specialisms

Our staff are trained in a range of specialisms, including the following:

  • Supporting children with autism

  • Makaton

  • The SENCO is a qualified dyslexia assessor

Further support can be sought from the following places:


Complaints will be dealt with in line with the school’s complaints procedure, but it is hoped close home-school liaison will minimise the need for complaints, giving rise to effective partnership working.  Please do not hesitate to contact the school’s SEND Team if you would like to talk through any of this in more detail. Further information can be found in our SEND policy, Accessibility Policy and Equalities Policy.

Inclusive provision is made for those students with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), including cognition and learning, communication and interaction, social mental emotional health, sensory and/or physical and any looked after children who have been identified with SEND to ensure that they have equality of opportunity and aim to fulfil their potential.

Admissions arrangements for students with SEND are set out in the school’s admission policy.

Click below for our Newsletter:​


SEND Newsletter:
October 2022

Mrs H. Smith (SENDCO).png

Mrs H. Smith (SENCO)


Mrs A. Alderton (Assistant SENCO)


Accessibility Plan 2023

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