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Key Information - SEND

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

Inclusive provision is made for those students with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), including cognition and learning, communication and interaction, social mental emotional health, sensory and/or physical and any looked after children who have been identified with SEND to ensure that they have equality of opportunity and aim to fulfil their potential.

Admissions arrangements for students with SEND are set out in the school’s admission policy.

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SEND Newsletter:
October 2022


Who do I go to if I want to talk about SEND Support?​


The school works in partnership with parents/guardians and with other outside agencies to identify the needs, provide support and monitor the progress of all students. If you would like to have a phone meeting, virtual meeting or face-to-face meeting with the SEND department, please contact the department by calling 01767 680598 or emailing


It is important to us, that we all work together to ensure the best possible outcomes for all.



The following staff members work within the SEND Department:

  • Mrs H Smith (SENCO The SENCO holds the following qualifications: NASENCO (Middlesex), BA Hons (Hertfordshire), Dip. RSA (Northampton), SpLD APC (Patoss). Recent training for the SENCO has included ‘Safeguarding Disabled Children’ and ‘Awareness, Responding and Managing Emotional Dysregulation in the classroom’.

  • Mrs A Alderton (Assistant SENCO Bmus (Huddersfield), PGCE (Manchester Metropolitan) NASENCO (Bath Spa University) Recent training includes Draw and Talk Therapy and Boxall Profile)

  • Mrs V Walton-Smith (Learning Support Manager)

  • Mrs S Robinson (EHCP Coordinator)

  • Miss J  (REACH Support Worker).

    Our team of Learning Support Assistants:

  • Mrs H Audley

  • Ms S Bloss

  • Mrs A Crusco

  • Mr D Curtis

  • Mrs K Gardiner

  • Mrs L Fage

  • Miss L Halls

  • Mr R Hartwell

  • Mrs A Hawkins

  • Mrs L Irvine

  • Mrs R Lock

  • Ms E Marshall

  • Mr C Pearson

  • Miss L Read

  • Miss K Robinson

  • Mrs J Wallace

  • Miss V Wallace

  • Miss E Ward

The Learning Support team at Sandy Secondary School want to ensure that all students with SEND are able to access the curriculum and reach their potential.  Our team of Learning Support Assistants (LSA) work to support students in their lessons and provide interventions as one to one or small groups where appropriate.

The following interventions take place in the canteen during morning registrations:

  • Maths (12 week block of learning)


  • Literacy (6 week block of learning)


  • Handwriting


  • Reading (12 week block of learning)


  • Sound-Write (weekly 1-2-1 sessions)


  • Typing Skills


  • Social Studies (12 week block of learning)


  • Growth Mindset (6 week block of learning)


  • SEMH (6 week block of learning)


  • Lego Therapy


  • Key Worker sessions (fortnightly 1-2-1)


  • Draw and Talk (12, 30 minute sessions)



Additional Interventions:

We also offer homework club twice a week after school, where members of staff are on hand to help as required. This club is available to all students. If students would like to attend homework club, the should go to C3 after school on a Tuesday or Wednesday.

The SEND department has a sensory room which provides a quiet space dedicated to stimulating, developing, and relaxing the senses, and to provide a safe and effective therapeutic environment for individuals.

We also offer support in our area known as REACH (Reflection, Encouragement and Care Hub). This is a space where students can come to time out, complete learning activities and talk to a member of the SEND team.

Our team have received the following training:

  • Effective questioning within the classroom to support those with SEND


  • Effectively supporting learners within the classroom to ensure good teaching and learning


  • Behaviour management training delivered by the Deputy Head at Oak Bank School


  • Two members of our department are trained in the teaching of the ‘Sounds-Write’ program – a synthetic phonics program to support spelling


  • Two members of our department are trained in the delivery of the ‘Draw and Talk’ program


  • Access arrangements for examinations


  • ‘The dyslexic brain’


  • Writing skills for reluctant writers


  • Developing inclusive approaches in the classroom


  • Moderate learning difficulties


  • Examination invigilation to support students with exam dispensation


  • Attachment awareness


Understanding sensory needs for students with SEND, high quality teaching for students with ASD and supporting students with SEND in mainstream school delivered by Ivel Valley Hub

​How can my child be supported?

Student’s needs are met using a graduated approach; students are identified (by teachers/Learning Support Assistants, parents/carers or the students themselves then assessed). If students require additional support a plan is put in place and carried through within the timescale set. The student’s progress is then reviewed. The support can be provided in several ways such as:

  • Differentiation of work (such as, by task, time scale, outcome, presentation, output) and/or questions by the teacher in the classroom)


  • Learning Support Assistant presence in the classroom


  • Time in the REACH (such as, at break time, lunch time or due to a modified or reduced timetable)


  • Personal Achievement Plan (PAP) drawn up by staff, students and parents/guardians and reviewed throughout the academic year


  • Education Health Care Plan (EHCP) followed and reviewed annually


  • Examination support and access arrangements


  • Mentor or Key Worker regular meetings


  • Specialist programs (such as, the reading scheme, SEMH support, handwriting scheme, touch typing program or social studies)


  • Pastoral Support Plan


  • Meetings with the School Nurse


  • Visual or Hearing Impairment Service involvement


  • Support from the Medical Needs Team


Sessions with outside agencies (we can currently refer students to Ivel Valley Outreach, Oakbank Outreach and Weatherfield Outreach).
There may be occasions where students access some of the support above without being identified on the SEND profile.
Further information on SEND support in the school can be found in the school’s SEN policy.

What else is available?

  • Pupil Premium and free school meals: for further information on this, please visit Alternatively, ring the school on 01767 680598


  • School transport – for further information on this, please visit Alternatively, ring the school on 01767 680598


  • Transition – The admission arrangements for students with SEND are set out in the school’s Admissions Policy. To support those with SEND, the SEND Manager meets with the primary school's SENCo prior to transition, to ensure effective information sharing and a smooth transition. Advice and guidance can be given on transition post 16 and those with an EHCP are closely supported through this stage. SEND information is passed to any new setting the student moves to.

All students meet daily with their form tutor and all students are eligible to join homework club or lunch and break club. A lift is available to access all floors, along with a toilet for the disabled.


Working together to support our students:

There is close liaison between the House Achievement Leaders (pastoral staff), Examinations Officer and SEND department.  Students undertake baseline assessments on entry to the school and are regularly assessed by class teachers. This information is disseminated to staff, parents/guardians and students.

Miss Karen Hayward is the Executive Principal and has overall responsibility for the SEND Department. Mrs Laura Cross is the Senior Leadership Team link for the SEND department and is line manager to the SENCO.


Further support can be sought from the following places:


Complaints will be dealt with in line with the school’s complaints procedure, but it is hoped close home-school liaison will minimise the need for complaints, giving rise to effective partnership working.

Please do not hesitate to contact the school’s SEND Team (, if you would like to talk through any of this in more detail. Further information can be found in our SEND policy, Accessibility Policy and Equalities Policy.

Mrs H. Smith (SENDCO).png

Mrs H. Smith (SENCO)


Mrs A. Alderton (Assistant SENCO)


Accessibility Plan 2023

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