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Students - The School Day

Our School Day


Our school day starts at 8.30am.  We expect students to be on the school site and heading to the Tennis Courts for morning line-up by 8.25am.  If students arrive to school after 8.30am they are marked late and will be issued with a consequence, providing there are no extenuating circumstances as to why they are late.


The timings of the school day are as follows:

Under the Education Regulations of 1999, the school day at a maintained school, must be made up of 2 sessions, divided by a break. The length of a session is not stipulated and is decided by the Governing Body. The Governing Body also decides the length of the school day, when breaks will occur and the number of sessions in a day.


The DFE non-statutory guidance on the Length of the School Week from July 2023, states that the length of the school week should increase to 32.5 hours by September 2024.  At Sandy Secondary School we adopted school week of 32.5 hours since September 2023. 


We have decided that our two registration sessions/points in the school day are 8.35am and 12.30pm. At these times an official register is taken.


The school has a duty to deliver 380 sessions a year which is equal to 190 days. 

Early Closure 


The school has a right to close early at points in the year if it has informed parents/guardians in advance of the closure.  The school is not responsible for students during the time they would have normally been in school due to an early closure. 

Enforced Closure 

The school may be forced to close the school on grounds of health and safety, examples of this might include, not having a water supply, severe weather, and where the health and safety of students and staff is compromised.  Where this is the case the school will look to do everything in its power to revert such an action. Where this is not possible and the school is forced to take such action, it will convert to online learning where appropriate.

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