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Achieving Excellence Beyond Belief

Parents - Top Achievers

Top Achievers Programme 


At Sandy Secondary School, we are committed to making sure every student stretches themselves both academically and personally. We have developed a programme of additional support and enrichment for those with particularly high academic ability, to ensure they achieve their full potential.

The programme aims to enhance the curriculum experience, encouraging our highest achieving students to expand their horizons and embrace higher aspirations and ambitions.  It will provide the skills and support to enable them to become more self-aware, self-motivated and positive about their academic potential; whilst helping them to become more resilient and driven when faced with barriers.  Through academic and personal coaching, mentoring and self-reflection we want our top achieving students to realise their full potential. 

The programme will also seek to broaden the curriculum and increase the cultural capital of our students, giving them access to a wide range of opportunities and ideas.  A monthly masterclass, delivered by professionals from industry, services, experts and academics will expand understanding of future opportunities and provide inspiration for future planning. Whilst links with Russell group universities will allow students to experience academia for themselves; perhaps encouraging top achieving students from areas of low participation to actively consider further education.

Critical thinking, problem solving, and logic will help our students to develop the skills needed to achieve at the highest levels within school at KS4 and KS5 and beyond; whilst the opportunity to work alongside a wide range of different people and in different situations will help them to grow in confidence and ambition, so that they can Achieve Excellence Beyond Belief.


Top Achievers Coordinator:

Mrs T. Hinson (Assistant Principal / Top Achievers)


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