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Sixth Form

Achieving Excellence Beyond Belief

Sixth Form - Transport


Sandy Sixth Form students generally use the same buses and routes as the younger years, however transport is no longer free. Local authorities do not have to provide free transport to education for young people, despite the fact that you have to remain in some form of education until the age of 18.  The 16-19 bursary may be able to help cover these costs.  A school minibus exists that is also used to transport some students from outlying towns and villages not served by the normal bus service.  You can obtain details of this service, and the cost, from the sixth form team or the school office (Tel: 01767 680598)

​Once students are old enough, they are welcome to use their own cars or motorbikes to travel to school, however they will need to park near the school as the car park is reserved for staff and visitors only (there are plenty of available spaces in the streets adjoining the school but please respect the residents rights).

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